equally sunny and cool than Southern California, hehe, just a bit less classic cars on the roads :-)

aaah... a bit of Ansel Adams style view of California by myself ;-)

palmtrees and antiques... hmm smooth mix


up in the Carmel Hills, loads of pinetrees, hehe, South = Palmtrees, North = Pines!

dunes... fields...  hehe, long drive saw allot of different settings...

not sunny all over the place, close to the shoreline fog is very common, the marine layer!

and after the prairies, up and down the hills...


monteray highways, fog in the background, but hey it's nice there by the beach, check out these pics, just look at the pacific ocean and the Laguna... hmmm.. nice for hollidayz :-)

cool Monteray House, hehe, not cheap out here :-)

after the stop in Monteray.. back to San Jose!

aah the Pacific, love the West Coast!

now that's a nice Dune!  this place is called... Sand City, hehe well chosen name!

up next the wetlands, een bekke gelijk het Zwin bij ons quoi LoL!

bit of a senic route inbetween highways

and back inbetween the Calli hills

just drivin' :-)

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From the Boardwalk to the Fisherman's Wharf :-) Santa Cruz, California

well, this time i am actually in Northern California, so this So-Cal Webspace will just have to do :-)

sweet old Wooden rollercoaster, went for a ride, lost my sunglasses :-) anyways it was one fun Ride!

this is not some amuzement park like Walibi, or Bellewaarde hehe, this is just there next to the beach open thruout the whole year, fun place to take kids.

and after a stroll on the beach, check out "the Wharf" the wooden pier of Santa Cruz, some day i'll be here when the woody show is going on :-) seen pictures of that event it looks great!

stumbeled on this Electric powered Austin Healy, cool car!


how about those Sea Lions?  hehe, Just Chillin'!



hehe, new shades, lookin' good :-)




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Surfers Paradise, Steamers Lane! Santa Cruz.

where's surfers in the water... there's vw busses parked by the beach :-)


end of the day Norma, Dave and myself went for a senic stroll around the coolest spots of Santa Cruz...

   some very very old Monteray pinetrees, hehe, changes from my usual palmtree pics, hey we're in NOR-CAL not So-Cal :-)

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